Over 30 years of Construction Experience
Built About 100 Projects: Hotels/Motels, Custom Houses, Townhomes, etc.


OM Contractor offers specialized services in Construction Management based on the specific needs of a client.

Preliminary Design Input and Ideas

Although our primary focus is in the construction of  buildings, we also get involved in the early design direction of projects. In the early stages, Om can work with clients  to advise on the different ways to optimally design the building for a given project site. Or In the case of a larger development, Om can advise prospective real estate developers and clients on ways to optimally layout multiple buildings and structures.

Om also has clients who come to us a little further along in their plan development process. These are clients who are in the early or mid stages of working with an architect. And then, in these cases Om enjoys working with clients and architects and engineers to take the project to the next level!

Construction Management

The vast majority of our clients come to us when they are ready with a complete set of plans. And in which case we work with them to manage the construction. We work hard to deliver the lowest possible prices for our clients and we accomplish this in three ways.  First, we are capable of delivering fair pricing because of our great team of subcontractors who are very talented and efficient. Second, we are able to deliver excellent pricing because we have great purchasing power and long standing relationships with suppliers. And finally, Om team is very qualified and has substantial know-how to project manage in the most efficient way possible with an eye to preventing problems.  Because of Om’s excellent know-how and reputation for honesty and fair pricing, we have been called in to complete another builder’s project.

Market Segment Expertise

Some of the markets in which OM is active are:

  • Motels/Hotels for most Franchises
  • Commercial- Office Buildings and Retail
  • Residential- Custom Houses, Apartments & condominiums